UpComing Events


Coffee breaks is a light hearted comedy play based on four funny and devised stories. We welcome you all to be a part of our world of story telling, fiction, drama, comedy and romance put into a performance that will take your heart away. 


THE ARTIST written by Anushka Ravishankar is a fiction that questions the commercial aspect of the art. It’s a story of a great masterpiece created by a girl who is colour blind. How? Come and watch her interesting and inspiring journey.


TALE OF THE GIANTESS written by Vivek Raj Tandon is a story about death who comes to take the soul of a meme artist. Before she does that, she asks the meme artist to tell her 3 jokes. What happens at the third joke? Well, you`ll know! 


RIDHI AUR DORA and I WANT TO SAY… are devised stories by the group. What happens in their journey is something extraordinarily simple yet beautiful. 


Date: 20th August 2022

Time: 7pm onwards

Venue: Mukti Manch Studio, Goregaon (w)