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The play explores the life of an old man whose son is suffering from Mental Depression. As the father is trying to understand why and how his son has reached this point, he starts looking at their life as a family, himself as a father, and as an outsider, the inexplicable nature of mental illness.


Written, directed and performed by Anoop Gupta

Design - Anuj Chopra 

Date : 7th October'23
Time : 7pm onwards



Sattu is a prison inmate and you are the visitor to his cell. Sattu is both the observer and the observed - commenting, recording, and enquiring into his state, moving through facts and fantasy, dreams and insights, stories and commentaries. He is at home in cell no: 320, which he shares with his pet. As you watch his story unfold, Sattu will slowly invite you into his cell and eventually into his world that is at once real and unreal. 

Date : 8th October’23
Time : 7pm

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 Calling all creative souls! Our open mic event is the perfect platform to showcase your comedic talent, musical skills, captivating stories, and poetic prowess!
Bring your A-game and let your unique voice be heard!
Don't miss out on this incredible opportunity to connect with fellow artists and entertain the crowd! 

Poetry | Music | Comedy | Storytelling

Date : 15th October'23
Time : 11:30am - 3pm


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